Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers to all of your questions located here.

BD Assistant provides most of the services related to your day to day life including Computer Repairing, Fridge/AC Repairing, IT Services, Electrical, Cleaning, Plumbing, Event Management, Carpentry, Labour, Painting, Home Delivery, Home/Office Shifting Services.

BD Assistant charges nothing for the Door to Door service. And Service charges are just like the market price. Sometimes even cheaper. For details Contact: (+88) 0170 33 999 56

During the initial phone contact with the customer, BD Assistant will try to gather information about the potential service and pick up anticipated parts prior to the service call. Unfortunately, it is impossible to accurately diagnose all problems over the phone or stock every potential part in the company vehicle. If an additional part needs to be ordered for your repair, you will only be charged for the labor during the return call to complete the repair.

Service calls loads vary, especially around the holidays. BD Assistant is dedicated to provide prompt service so the customer can return to normal operation quickly. Service calls are typically scheduled in 1-2 days. A 2-hour time frame is provided for the day of the scheduled service. If there is a situation where it is causing property damage or loss, every attempt will be made to try to schedule same day service.

BD Assistant is open 24/7 for order. But our assistants work from 10am through 8pm. So, if we cannot schedule your service the same day, you will have to wait for the morning.

Services and Repairs are best done by appointment. However, we understand that some services need immediate attention before the problem gets worse. Please contact us for an appointment or to find out how quickly we can have someone come to you.

We repair all household appliances to the best of our ability. Our appliance repair typically has to do with the dryer, washing machine, stove, or refrigerator. However, we can offer help where there are other issues. For more details, please give us a call.

We can do our best with older appliances, but we want our customers to understand how the industry works. There comes a time when we cannot get parts for certain older units anymore. We will do our absolute best to repair your unit, but we will also be honest with you when we simply do not have the parts to do a proper repair.

We are providing a 7 days service warranty. But it may vary.

When you call us we give you an appointment on the basis of when one of our Assistant is free. But in case of you having an urgency, we will charge you with an emergency service charge of Tk.50.

If you schedule online, then you will get a text message in your phone with the appointment time. And our servers get updated.

After securing one appointment you will always be asked, if you need another service. Click to make more appointments.

We provide a full package for your new house. From building planning to plumbing, everything.

Just call us and get your new schedule time. Contact: (+88) 0170 33 999 56

You can pay by “Cash on service” method. Or you can pay through bkash or Rocket.